Naturalistic Excursions

The secret of the mild climate of the Ligurian Riviera is hidden in the high mountains that border the coast. Beautiful cliffs and mountains rich in flowers, animals and sea views. To be discovered in summer and winter, you can walk all year. In summer on peaks over 2,000 meters above sea level, such as the Toraggio and Pietravecchia splendid summits called “Le Dolomiti Liguri”, populated with chamois and eagles. Enriched with rare and splendid blooms such as Peony, Giglio Pomponio, Meleagride of Moggridge, and dozens of other endemic species.

Ligurian Alps in Spring

Spring starts early with us, our mild climate allows flowering 12 months a year.
In December the Alisso flowers, in January the mimosa begins, in February the first orchid, the primroses and the crocuses. And an infinity of colors and scents will brighten our excursions from March onwards.
One often walks with the shimmering sea beneath us, with Corsica appearing on the horizon, immersed in the very fragrant Mediterranean maquis.

Ligurian Alps in Summer

In summer the Ligurian Alps offer excursions to the highest mountains of Liguria, sheltered from the heat, in the Regional Park of the Ligurian Alps.
Or going up in Val Roya you discover the alpine panorama of the Mercantour National Park, where the peaks reach 3,000 meters.
You can also walk all day without sunbathing, in the green Argentina and Nervia valleys, in the beech or chestnut woods, or higher in the pine woods, in the fir woods, to discover enchanted corners and monumental trees.

Ligurian Alps in Autumn

Autumn brings with its colors the desire to plunge into the woods among chestnut, maple and larch trees to discover the fruits of the season: figs, persimmons, mushrooms, chestnuts and strawberry trees.
In our chestnut woods live the largest specimens in the region, and in general our heritage of monumental trees is very rich and little known.
Autumn still gives warm days even on the highest mountains where you can see the view from Monviso to Corsica.

Ligurian Alps in Winter

Winter offers the opportunity to stay up high to practice cross-country skiing or to use snowshoes, but it is on the hills near the sea that the mildness of the winter on the riviera is most appreciated. When, immersed in the maquis, it dominates the sea, delighting itself with beautiful landscapes.
You can go in search of the oil just pressed among the olive groves that cover the hills, especially in the Imperious valleys.
Finally the sunsets offer colors and views on the Côte d’Azur of incomparable beauty.

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